UNICHEM is working for 20 years in an innovative way with products and services of high quality, combining agility in the business market with updated information about chemical universe.

We have the commitment to assist our customers in their needs, helping them to reach their goals, supporting their development, leading all our knowledge in the chemical industry and our capacity to identify new solutions.

Believing in the cooperation power, we can accomplish our work in a solid way, bringing safety in the commitments that have been assumed, defining the character of our company through our values and culture.

Our team has professionals with determination and attitude that allow us to mobilize all our energy to delivery our products with exceptional service. In the end, the respect for the individual, the responsibility, ethic and the faith in the human relationships has been motivating us to outbrave new challenges and improve our accomplishment every day.

UNICHEM has been building its history along the years with eyesight, determination and tenacity. Our renewal capacity is what differentiates us in the quest of quality.

Alameda Professor Lucas Nogueira Garcez, 7733 | Atibaia-SP | 12947-000 | tel 55 11 4411.3070